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InsightOut is an all-in-one data analytics platform for the modern business leader. Powered by machine learning to reveal actionable insights within your data for the clarity to manage like never before. 


Free Download: Achieving a Single Source of Truth for CFOs & Finance Teams

Turn your data into an asset with a SSOT.

A single source of truth is no longer an ideal, but a new standard for finance teams. Rich with research backed insights, this white paper provides a step-by-step guide on implementing an SSOT to streamline data processes for financial team success.

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Why Customers Choose InsightOut

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Empowered at Every Step of Your Journey

Our business-led, user-first platform experience unifies all capabilities within a single-pane interface.

With streamlined data aggregation and preparation, users save time without reliance on IT for complex data management. Intuitive visualization, drill-down, and reporting controls ensure maximum usability and accelerated time-to-value, delivering on the highest value for your investment.

Bidirectional Business Intelligence

Go Beyond Keeping the Lights On

Imagine a management dashboard equipped with a steering wheel. InsightOut functions as a visual command center with unique write-back capabilities for users to interface with source systems and define key metrics in real time.

Operationalize your data through our Automated Insights engine, which delivers analysis of important trends and changes. Stay proactive, not reactive.

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Build a Data-Driven Culture

Data is a team sport. InsightOut enhances data distribution and collaboration across teams with a breadth of exporting and sharing options. The platform is designed to support a dynamic range of outputs as well as robust reporting for custom internal and external stakeholder views.

A single source of truth with a holistic view of the business enables a strong organizational data culture.

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Understand Key Levers for Long-term Business Impact

InsightOut provides a 360° view of your business—past, present, and clear into the future.

Along with dynamic visualizations and custom dashboards, the platform offers a wealth of business planning functions. Predictive modeling allows for effective forecasting and risk management while scenario analysis accelerates time-to-insight to outpace your competition.

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Unlock the Power of Your Data

Not all BI are created equal. InsightOut is introducing a new type of data experience—one designed with you in mind. Built specifically to support business workflows, our platform enables leaders at every level of the modern organization to harness the power of their data and drive change. InsightOut brings together best-in-class solutions for data analytics and business planning into a single seamless, insight-driven platform.

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Connectors for Any Data Source

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Excel Integration for Upload and Output

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Active Read-and-Write Capability

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Automated Insights Engine

Our Difference

Your business is unique. That’s why you deserve more than a one-size-fits-all data solution. Born out of our services heritage, our commitment is to provide our customers with end-to-end support along your data journey.

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White Glove Service

Custom implementation ensures a robust, user-centered platform that is in context and at scale

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Ongoing Support

Dedicated technical team to provide hands-on assistance when you need it

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Partnerships & Integrations

Growing ecosystem of partners and third-party integrations for success in any industry and environment  


InsightOut Data Transformation

Private Equity

View data across all portfolio companies in one platform, measure performance, perform advanced analytics, and fulfill the visibility needs of LPs.


Control and standardize operational parameters and streamline data exchanges with insurers for better workflows and patient outcomes.

Financial Services

Analyze diverse data sets for a comprehensive view of the client experience and risk profile to identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.


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