Data Management

Build your organizational strategy on a strong data management foundation.


The Building Blocks of a Dynamic Data Model.

With access to a unified set of analytics-ready data, business users need a system in place to guide the progression of data through each stage of its lifecycle, from creation to archive. InsightOut’s centralized data management framework organizes and contextualizes data to enable you to better understand, control, and distribute information. Clear governance and change management protocols minimize risk while maximizing accuracy.


Enhance Your Understanding of Data


Metadata and Taxonomy Management

Define the key data metrics, relationships, and hierarchies that matter most for your business and manage globally across all layers.

Data Blending

Blend multiple, cross-functional data sources with ease into a single dynamic data set to query and extract new insights. Complex problem-solving made simple.

Version History

Edit and collaborate at the speed-of-thought with version history tracking across most features, including dashboards, queries, metrics, and more. 

Point-in-Time Snapshots

Access copies of past data sets to cross-reference and track changes against current goals and projections. Ensure data protection with the option to restore from snapshot.


Data Management with a Steering Wheel

  • Create performance targets for key business metrics, view directly within your dashboard, and measure against projections to stay on track or against attainment for goal-setting.
  • Manage and update data directly in the source system, such as changes to a sales opportunity that will propagate within your CRM, with write-back capabilities.
  • InsightOut’s unique visual command center offers an active platform experience where users are in control of the information, enabling a two-way communication.

From Boardroom Titans to Excel Warriors and All Collaboration In-Between 

  • Deliver custom dashboards and reports to internal and external stakeholders with adaptive governance protocols that manages multi-level permissioning.
  • Distribute reporting and data across your organization with a range of file downloads, including Excel outputs with our embedded add-in.
  • With its open API, InsightOut is designed to meet the analytics, visualization, and reporting needs of your extended enterprise for a single source of truth that drives a data-first corporate culture.

Read more about how InsightOut automates data consolidation from disparate source systems and how the platform enables data intelligence with actionable insights and intuitive visualization.  


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