Analytics for Logistics

Ensure efficiency in operational processes across your organization.

Logistics communication

The efficiency of a logistics operation is a function of how well each component is managed as well as how effectively information is exchanged between these components.

Traditionally this has been a fragmented industry, making visibility and optimization difficult to achieve.


InsightOut provides a breakthrough solution for logistics and supply chain companies.

It is a centralized platform to analyze data about all aspects of the operation and share those insights with all the entities that make up the chain.

The InsightOut Power for Logistics

Move from a fragmented to a consolidated approach to efficiency, thanks to InsightOut’s ability to unlock data everywhere and distribute to the extended enterprise.

Asset, workforce and route optimization can be achieved by tracking all relevant performance metrics. InsightOut provides the ability to consider the impact of complex data such as weather conditions, traffic and more.

Logistics companies can now work with a better understanding of the demand side. InsightOut analyzes trends and patterns to predict what future demand is likely to be.


The growth of IoT in logistics will lead to substantial growth in the volume of data. For instance, trucks and ships will be able to beam out a range of operational parameters at every moment. In order to translate this technological breakthrough into business benefits, the power of an advanced business intelligence platform like InsightOut platform will be critical.

Logistics companies that are embarking on the journey to automation can derive the full benefits of this move with the insights revealed by effective data analytics by InsightOut.

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