Financial Services


Drive long lasting growth and deliver exceptional customer experiences. 


For financial services - banks, insurance, trading, or wealth management, the ability to analyze large volumes of data of different types at high speed has a huge and positive impact on profitability.

Wall Street

InsightOut delivers meaningful analysis for financial services companies by consolidating diverse data from different sources and revealing powerful insights. Large volumes of data such as stock prices, economic indices, loan rates, and customer transactions can be processed within a very short time.


InsightOut Transformation for Financial Services


Personalized customer service

Banks or mortgage companies can analyze a variety of parameters about customers to generate rich insights. These can be used to design personalized experiences, offer new products and services, and increase the lifetime value of the customer.

Maximize opportunities and returns 

InsightOut enables financial services companies to identify opportunities as well as risks. Armed with information about the market, economic and regulatory trends, as well as customer insights, they can make the best possible investment and fund deployment decisions.


Insurance Companies


Design new products based on customer insights and regulatory requirements.

Provide higher standards of customer service and reward those whose risk profile improves. Better and faster claims settlement.


Risk assessment, underwriting, and pricing decisions based on accurate data analysis.




Add digital products based on an understanding of how users interact with various digital platforms.

Better customer targeting helps to increase retention and develop new business models.

Reduce risk by accurate analysis of credit applicants, early warning systems, and fraud detection.


InsightOut enables financial services firms to discover insights and perform scenario analysis based on AI and machine learning capabilities.

The intuitive and immersive dashboards enable users to dig deeper into the data and underlying factors. The read-and-write business intelligence capability provides users a way to ‘write back’ changes in operational systems. 


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