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Club Champion Golf Achieves Real-time Data and Performance Analysis with InsightOut

CCG, a thriving specialty retailer and the leading golf club fitter in the US, chose InsightOut to uncover the "why" behind their data. Improved visibility into critical metrics has led to exponential growth in new store performance and an increase in average sale per customer.

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Customer Background and Key Challenges

Club Champion Golf (CCG) is the #1 custom golf club fitter and retailer in the United States. Their fitters and in-house builders meticulously fit and handcraft every club to an individual’s unique needs to help them play to their absolute potential. For over 10 years, Club Champion has prided themselves on their ability to produce a better fit for longer, more accurate shots. And their formula has yielded impressive results. Established in 2010, Club Champion has grown from a regional three-studio fitting business to a trusted golf club fitting expert with locations in every major golf market nationwide.

As Club Champion continued to grow, the management team realized they needed to optimize the performance of existing stores to fuel growth and not rely solely on expansions into new markets. They needed further insight into the business drivers behind the performance data that they were seeing, and Salesforce – the platform they use to capture customer data and manage sales – only took them so far.

Value Delivered

Insights into New Performance Metrics

Increased average sale per customer by 21% across same stores through  expanded performance visibility to improve conversion rates and cross-selling.

An Expanded Customer Base

Increased incremental financed sales from 2% to 8.5%, expanding Club Champion's customer base.

Visibility into Lost Leads & Increased Utilization

Increased same store appointments by 26% through identifying lost leads and insights on underutilized bays.

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Newfound Visibility into Critical Metrics

In seeking to understand the “why” behind their store data, Club Champion Golf needed a comprehensive view of real-time store and fitter performance. This included a breakdown of the number of customer fittings, receipts, cancellations and sales, with the added ability to compare against prior performance and current targets for year-over-year and month-to-date reporting.

The Treehouse team took these requirements and implemented a customized instance of InsightOut, providing the CCG team with newfound analytics capabilities. “We were completely blown away by the demo,” Burke stated. “We started having visibility into metrics we had never even seen before.”


The InsightOut dashboards have been so beneficial for analyzing and drilling down into the data. We can now see all these different metrics at once and find out the reasons behind what’s going on rather than just seeing the numbers. We now have much more real-time actionable intelligence.

Brian Burke

Chief Financial Officer

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Teeing Up for Future Growth

Club Champion has been well-positioned to manage future growth with the help of InsightOut, especially with increased demand as a result of the pandemic. As they continue to expand and begin to establish a global presence, they’re turning their sights on using InsightOut to better understand the operational side of their business, getting insights into KPIs such as: daily throughput, quality, order backlog and inventory levels by vendor and stock keeping unit (SKU). The opportunities for further integration and cross-functional insights truly are endless.

“Seeing everything InsightOut is capable of has blown me away.” -Brian Burke, CFO


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