Achieve Functional and Strategic Objectives with InsightOut


InsightOut was created to provide data and decision support to all users across organizational functions—from the CEO to frontline managers to analysts. It's an all-in-one platform with a centralized suite of tools that combines powerful data analytics with intuitive visualization.

InsightOut makes it extremely easy to configure dashboards and reporting customized to each individual user's requirements.



Dashboards report those metrics that are most meaningful for the user's role and use case.


Visualization of time-series data and forecasting and planning tools tell the story of the organization through data.

Performance Tracking

Each manager can set performance targets and gauge performance according to metrics that are relevant to the line of business.


Snapshots provide a view of past performance and current trajectory at a glance and can be drilled down to explore details.


Real-time reporting ensures that the users always has the right information for decision-making.


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