Data Intelligence

Focus on the answers instead of struggling with the questions. Go beyond the dashboard with InsightOut’s purpose-built analytics.


Experience the Transformative Power of Data.

Your data tells a unique and compelling story of your business. Our job is to bring together the elements of that story and help you uncover the narrative through lines. 

InsightOut’s suite of data intelligence tools goes beyond traditional BI to empower you to drive long-term, lasting business impact, armed with clarity and insight. By joining enterprise-class visualization, analytics, and business planning capabilities within a unified platform, we allow teams to move faster, have deeper conversations, and reach higher.  


Storytelling Made Visual.


Our robust front-end framework is designed for rich, interactive visualizations and allows you to define custom dashboards and reports, with drag-and-drop simplicity. 

Support for multiple users to collaborate and draft dashboards, with accessible version history, and to create ad hoc or scheduled reporting.

Understand all facets of the information most pertinent to your business, whether that’s a pulse on employee engagement or a 360° view of your customer journey, with purpose-built visualizations.

Clarity at every level of granularity—zoom out for the big picture or drill down to row-level detail in the underlying data. Explore the depth and texture of any data set.


Separate Signal from Noise with Automated Insights.


InsightOut’s AI-driven Automated Insights engine sets the standard for a new generation of analytics. Actionable business insights, extracted from the consolidated data set, are piped directly into the visualization layer and onto your dashboard.

Not only find answers but ask new questions. Augmented data intelligence automatically uncovers hidden trends and outliers affecting outcomes without a complex querying process. Drill-down functions enable thoughtful discovery in the underlying data.

Leverage Automated Insights along with target setting and write-back capabilities to proactively and directionally drive business strategy—optimize human and capital resources, mitigate risk, analyze behavior for better customer experiences, and more.


Look Forward and Back for Effective Planning

  • Predict performance outcomes and stay on target with defensible forecasting supported by in-depth time-series analysis of historical trends and current trajectories.
  • Multidimensional scenario planning provides the clarity to look ahead and adapt dynamically to market conditions. Run holistic what-if analyses across financial and operational metrics and test the sensitivity of key business levers to assess impact.
  • InsightOut’s decision-support tools are functionally designed to help business leaders identify actionable opportunities, reconcile gaps, and stay ahead of the competition.

Smart Alerting and Notification

  • Proactively monitor your data system with InsightOut’s data-driven alerting coupled with user-defined metrics and triggers.
  • Users are notified of potential issues to ensure timely analysis and action.
  • Customize how you would like to be notified of alerts as well as Automated Insights with push to text, email, and team collaboration applications such as Slack.

Read more about how InsightOut automates data consolidation from disparate source systems and how the platform simplifies end-to-end data management.


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