Analytics for Private Equity


Accelerate value creation within the Private Equity ecosystem.


Many portfolio managers continue to use and rely upon cumbersome spreadsheet-based reporting techniques. Traditional enterprise business intelligence typically necessitates a team of data scientists and analysts. Continuously evolving portfolio composition poses major challenges for portfolio managers in terms of growing their funds and managing returns.

InsightOut meets all the challenges of the Private Equity landscape head-on.


Designed for business leaders, functional managers, and stakeholders, InsightOut puts the power of real-time data and Automated Insights into their hands. No data mining required.


 InsightOut is a unified, customizable platform that can be provide support across the private equity extended enterprise—managing and operating partners, limited partners, associates, and portfolio company executive leadership. Data from all portfolio companies are consolidated in a single-pane platform to enable users to benchmark performance, perform advanced data analytics, and fulfill the visibility needs of fund-level investors.


The Portfolio View:

Get a bird’s eye view of your entire portfolio, with automated reporting for LPs and external stakeholders, who form part of the firm’s extended enterprise.

Portfolio Managers and OPs can get a direct view into each portfolio company's real-time performance data across finance, marketing, CRM, operations - creating data transparency that can contribute to increased operational efficiencies in their portfolio companies.


The Company View:

Portfolio managers and OPs can connect directly into each of the portfolio companies’ systems to get a real-time view of sales, marketing, and financial performance and understand the drivers of the individual company, rolling that up into an enterprise valuation.


This makes InsightOut a potential gamechanger – as it now allows Private Equity firms to not just provide capital and strategic partnership, but to actively work with portfolio companies to accelerate value creation.

InsightOut provides a visual command center that can steer your PE firm towards digital transformation and reap the benefits of real-time data and automated, actionable business insights.


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