Analytics for Healthcare


Streamline digital workflows to reduce costs and standardize treatments for better patient outcomes.

Health Data

The healthcare industry generates huge volumes of data - including that captured by healthcare professionals as well as from medical equipment.

Analyzed effectively, this data has the potential to improve patient outcomes, optimize resources, and streamline insurance claims settlement.


Although the diversity and volume of healthcare data present a unique set of challenges,  InsightOut is designed to handle these and deliver insights that benefit patients and providers.

InsightOut integrates patient data from disparate systems and machine readings to provide a holistic view of each patient.


InsightOut Applications in Healthcare


Patient Care

By integrating all records related to a patient, InsightOut reveals patterns and insights that can improve treatment.

Billing and Claims Settlement 

InsightOut is a single platform for the healthcare provider to exchange data with all insurance companies and streamline claims processing.


Medical Research

The power of InsightOut to analyze large data sets within a short time,  consider alternate scenarios and predict outcomes can help healthcare providers to contribute to medical research.


Leveraging InsightOut’s Automated Insights capabilities, healthcare managers can get complete visibility of operational data and underlying drivers. The read-and-write business intelligence capability enables them to write back changes to operational systems. InsightOut’s extended enterprise feature facilitates the exchange of data and reports to internal and external stakeholders.


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