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Delivering a New Standard for Physician Recruiting

One of the nation's leading provider of physician services counted on InsightOut to streamline its recruiting data management for more timely physician placements and patient care


Customer Background and Key Challenges

Treehouse Technology Group partnered with a leading nationwide provider of physician services, post-acute care, and ambulatory surgery services. The company strives to improve healthcare quality and patient outcomes in large part through the high volume recruitment of physicians and medical professionals in hospitals around the country.

However, the company's reliance on manual processes stood at odds with its growth strategy and hampered timely physician placements. All the while, their data was growing in complexity and creating scalability challenges team-wide. 

  • Recruitment and incentives payment data were scattered across over 80 Excel spreadsheets.
  • Approval of incentives were managed via email across all levels of the organization, from recruiters to directors.
  • Submissions to payroll were piecemeal and often delayed.

In need of a new approach towards data management, the company engaged Treehouse Technology Group with the goal of streamlining its recruiting and incentives payment management for a 360° view with InsightOut.


Staying Ahead with InsightOut

The Treehouse team took a multi-phased approach to address the company’s needs and implement a customized instance of InsightOut. TTG’s team of high-level engineers spent a considerable amount of time assessing the company’s existing workflow in order to automate it and incorporate disparate elements within InsightOut’s scalable data management framework, which is supported by: 

  • Standardized metrics and organizational taxonomy. This provides a common language that eliminates the discrepancies in terminology arising from the manual input of information, and all business users are guided by a unified set of metrics and definitions.
  • Clear governance and role permissioning. This allows a flexible and secure way of providing select groups of users with access to certain data, based on the organization’s hierarchy.

Ultimately, through aggregating the company’s data sources, defining clear recruitment metrics, and mapping the stakeholder roles and access requirements, TTG was able to deliver InsightOut’s self-service data experience to users across the organization.


Value Delivered

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Complete workflow overhaul with 75% full automation of incentives calculations, working toward 95% with more historical data 

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Standardized and streamlined process for incentives submission and approval less prone to human error 

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Seamless processing of ~1400 placements worth over $3 million in incentives payments within the platform to date

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120 hours saved per month (2-3 hours per month per recruiter) in addition to 60 hours per month for management 


Data Management at Scale

Treehouse Technology Group was able to successfully transition the company from a manual, time-consuming recruiting incentives process to an automated, standardized workflow within a unified interface. The InsightOut platform simplified the submission and approvals process across the company, allowing recruiters and management to easily view and analyze their incentive payments. 

While previously it took recruiters roughly 3-4 hours each to individually reconcile end of month incentives, this same process now takes between 30 and 60 minutes with InsightOut.

With a 75% automation of incentives calculations, recruiters, directors, and managers are having to make fewer manual adjustments. While the ability to drill down and make even row-level changes in the data source is built-in, the time and effort it takes to do so has been significantly reduced. 

The platform has also expedited payroll by automating the approval process across the organization, leading to greater regulation and consistency.  

Furthermore, while even simple analysis of incentive payments were a challenge previously, InsightOut provided much needed insight into how the amount spent incentives and the total hires netted. Management now has a comprehensive view of performance across the organization, allowing them to conduct more accurate reporting and in-depth analysis and identifying trends and risk areas for cost and resource optimization.


The amount of time it takes a recruiter to review the incentive tool and approve their commissions is a lot faster than the old Excel documents that we used to use.

Recruiting Manager


Continued Growth with Actionable Insights and Planning

While the focus of the engagement was to streamline the submission and approval of incentives across the organization, the company can works towards incorporating more business planning insights through InsightOut, with native forecasting and scenario modeling capabilities. For instance, managers could analyze incentive trends (e.g. spending vs. hires), create projections (e.g. paying X number of incentives out to recruiters yearly), better assess recruiter performance, or plan future outlooks and more nimbly adjust quotas if faced with a downturn — ultimately leading to better risk mitigation and resource planning. By leveraging InsightOut’s data capabilities, where leaders and teams have the ability to extract actionable insights from recruitment data and beyond, the company can become better equipped for making sound and confident business decisions. 


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