InsightOut — Aligning Organizational Data Models with Industry Best Practices

From public service to private enterprise—the ability to harness data drives success. So no matter what kind of data you work with, InsightOut is the single platform that maps to your industry workflows and enables your organizational objectives.

InsightOut was created to present relevant data to decision-makers, automate the discovery of insights, and provide a read-and-write integration with data and management systems. All supported with the convenient visibility to relevant stakeholders. We saw these needs across all industry and sectors and created a product that can map to any vertical and deliver transformational value.

Industries We Support

Private Equity

InsightOut provides a single platform to view the performance of the entire portfolio as well as convenient reporting to limited partners.


Healthcare providers can integrate data from a wide range of sources to improve patient care and reduce administrative overheads.

Financial Services

Financial services and insurance companies can analyze data from multiple sources to enhance customer service, mitigate risks, and maximize returns.


Logistics companies can optimize storage and transportation facilities, armed with detailed data across all facets of operations.

Market Research

Research firms can leverage data aggregated across systems to analyze findings for patterns, correlations, and causality.  

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Insights from data enable FMCG companies to pursue opportunities and achieve growth and profitability targets.

Consumer Packaged Goods

CPG manufacturers can achieve a fine balance of production, distribution, marketing, and sales by analyzing trends and Identifying correlations.

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