Data Consolidation

Accelerate and streamline the aggregation of insight-ready data for success from day one. The power of enterprise BI meets self-service simplicity.


Connecting the Dots. Wherever they are.

The growing complexity of the modern enterprise is reflected in its fragmented data landscape. This poses a challenges for business users seeking to make sense of data siloed across multiple databases, cloud and on-premise sources, and legacy systems.

InsightOut streamlines the aggregation of disparate data systems across sales, finance, human resources, and beyond. An optimized organizational data flow ensures that you have access to the right data at the right time, and all in context. No dedicated IT team required.


Break Down Data Silos for a Holistic View

  • Securely connect to any data source with InsightOut’s prebuilt connectors for rapid ingestion.
  • Consolidate source systems—AWS Redshift, SQL Server, Oracle, and more—along with management systems, including popular CRMs, ERPs, and other applications and services.  
  • Custom implementation tailored to your use case can provide both real-time connections direct to the data source and a centralized, managed data store.

Data that Reflects Your Workflow

  • Import and process custom data within your current workflow no matter the file type through InsightOut’s file management system.
  • Upload existing models and data sets directly from Excel via our Excel add-in.
  • Integrate and unify the data throughout your organization with a platform optimized for how you work. Not the other way around.


We Check Your Work so You Don’t Have to

  • InsightOut’s automated data validation processes all aggregated and uploaded information through cleansing and preparation into usable, analytics-ready data.
  • Choose from pre-configured templates or define custom rules and metrics for data standardization, ensuring consistency and accuracy even with multiple uploading users.
  • Reduce time while increasing data volume so your choice is no longer between agility and scalability.

Read more about how InsightOut simplifies end-to-end data management and how the platform enables data intelligence with actionable insights and intuitive visualization.  


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