Analytics for Retail


The agility, KPIs and strategy needed to gain an edge in the retail industry.


In the dynamic retail industry, brands must deal with cut-throat competition, omni-channel marketing avenues, and fulfill the expectations of increasingly demanding customers. Those that are equipped with actionable insights based on accurate and updated data to track the customer journey, have a huge competitive edge in the war for market share.


In many retail organizations, although large volumes of data exist, the lack of cohesive analytics and unpredictable consumer tastes make it difficult to forecast performance. 

InsightOut integrates data that resides in disparate systems and leverages the power of AI and machine learning to generate insights automatically. This enables retail companies to pursue growth opportunities, gain competitive advantage, and innovate.


Why InsightOut is the Right Platform for Retail Companies


A convenient way to integrate internal company data with that coming from retailers, third parties, online channels, loyalty programs, etc, to provide a unified view of sales, demand, and consumers.

Business managers are served insights automatically,  and can also drill down into data conveniently from their dashboards.

Facilitates collaboration between finance, marketing, supply chain, and operations to maximize sales and optimize inventory.


Enables the organization to respond fast to business dynamics as leaders have access to accurate and updated information and rich insights.


InsightOut is the one data analytics platform that delivers the deep insights required for strategic as well as granular and tactical decisions.


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