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A company with a vision.

InsightOut was created by a team of engineers and customer advocates with a vision of what a next generation data analytics platform should be capable of.  

Phil and Chad have been CEO and CTO at Treehouse Technology Group, a value-driven data development and custom analytics firm. Their experience of developing solutions for a very wide range of verticals helped to develop a clear vision of what business users need from data analytics.

With a clear focus on fulfilling those needs, building new functionalities not currently offered in existing products, and leveraging AI for this, InsightOut was born.

The Team

Philip Wess

Philip Wess, CEO

Philip Wess is the Chief Executive Officer at Treehouse Technology Group, where he utilizes his expertise in consulting and project management to deliver customized services and solutions to Treehouse's customers and drive business growth. Previously, Philip was a management consultant at The Concept Group.

Chadwick Rose

Chad Rose, CTO

Chadwick is the Chief Technology Officer at Treehouse Technology Group, where he leads the development and design of customized database and software platforms for clients. Previously, Chadwick was the Director of Data Management at S&P Capital IQ, a leading financial information provider.


InsightOut and its affiliate, Treehouse Technology Group, are looking for experts in roles ranging from sales to management to engineering.

  • Account Executive Business Development

    We are looking for a dynamic, high-performing Account Executive with experience selling technology and/or other services over the phone, by email, in-person and via web-based presentations. Apply here

  • Data Engineer

    As a Data Engineer, you will work with stakeholders and the internal development team to guide technical development of enterprise data solutions. The Data Engineer is a combination of a business and technical customer facing role that will be accountable for the end-to-end customer data architecture, development, deployment and support. Apply here.

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