How ChatGPT Can Improve Your Data Analytics

by Chadwick Rose in February 20th, 2023

You’ve probably heard about ChatGPT’s AI chatbot and maybe you’ve even taken it for a spin, but have you discovered how incredibly useful it is for analyzing your organization’s data?

Boost Your Excel Skills with ChatGPT

If you still keep most of your data contained in Excel spreadsheets, ChatGPT can help you process and interpret your datasets. You can actually copy and paste individual spreadsheets into ChatGPT and ask all sorts of questions to better understand what your data is actually showing you.

Need to create a really quick table to visualize some data you were sent by a 3rd party, or want to find if there’s any insights in it? ChatGPT can quickly generate a table and you can ask questions about the data.

Overall, one of the best benefits is that the AI chatbot will also help you navigate Excel a little more easily. Instead of searching the web for help with formulas or functions when you need to search for some quick insights, ChatGPT can instruct you on how to search for particular data within Excel or give you directions.

Here's a quick training video from Kevin Stratvert introducing you to using lookup functions, nested functions, counts, and writing macros.

Data Analysis with ChatGPT

Another benefit to using this intelligent technology is get guidance on specific questions or problems you're facing with data analysis.

You can ask ChatGPT questions regarding your organization’s success. Are you a middle market SaaS company trying to improve your efficiency? Ask ChatGPT based on the maturity of your business, what KPI you should be focusing on. Are you a franchise owner trying to figure out how far off you are from the ideal retention rate? Ask ChatGPT. Not saying it is always going to be right, but it can help get you thinking in the right direction.

ChatGPT in Enterprise Analytics Platforms

While Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic in technology right now, it's been a key component of our custom data solutions and InsightOut analytics platform for years. Connecting the ChatGPT API to the platform will allow users to be even more nimble with their data, allowing you to ask questions and get answers and insights, turning your dashboards into your own data consultant. InsightOut’s AI-driven Automated Insights engine sets the standard for a new generation of analytics, and will continue to as our data architects routinely implement the most innovative technologies that empower savvy business users.

If you'd like to be informed when we release ChatGPT functioning into our solution and be one of the first to take a test drive of it, submit your email address here and we will update you when it becomes available.

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